Summer Camp 2018

with Sandra Robinson, UK, and Helena Atkinson, Säter

So many of us suffer from burn out, exhaustion, depression, anxiety and stress. This year we will focus on self care, self nourishment, how to create a self practice, conscious breathing, meditation and yoga nidra. As well as lovely forrest yoga morning intensives with yoga ceremony, four directions and chanting.

Learn what you can do for yourself, how to take care of yourself, in a wonderfully supportive environment.


Dates: 21-25 July

Investment: 2900 SEK

Limited spaces. Book early.


More about Sandra

Sandra Heider, MA, is the founder of Equilibrium Yoga and Well-Being Centres in Peteborough and Huntingdon (UK). She has been practising yoga since 1999 and has been teaching since 2005 when she qualified as a 200 hour Yoga Teacher under the guidance of Dr. Brian Cooper. Sandra initially practised and studied Ashtanga Yoga, but moved into Jivamukti and Forrest yoga in 2006 when did her first training with Ana Forrest. She completed the Jivamukti Yoga teacher training and the Forrest Yoga Foundation teacher training in 2007. Sandra is a certified Forrest Yoga Teacher and a Forrest Yoga Mentor – the only one in Europe at the moment. Since 2009 she has been assisting Ana Forrest at her workshops and teacher trainings throughout Europe.

In June 2014, Sandra completed her 5 year studies in body psychotherapy at CBPC in Cambridge (UK). Her interest lies in finding the integration between spirituality, psychotherapy and strong physical practices. At the heart of her teachings lies the assumption that we need to return to our bodies and to feeling in order to experience peace, acceptance and self-love, which in turn will lay the foundation for genuine relationships with other people.

Experimental Anatomy

with Jambo Truong

This Immersion highlights the key structural muscles that every yoga teacher needs to know about. These structural muscles have many incredible functions and when they are dysfunctional, they can cause pain, limit mobility and strength development. By studying their unique personalities, practitioners will be able to confidently know where to start when working with limited mobility caused by injuries and pain.

Each day will set a meditative intent followed by a yoga practice that is designed to enable practitioners to feel their own anatomy. By receiving specific cues, practitioners familiarise themselves with functional movement patterns that open up poses in a way that is designed to inform your system of practice, no matter what style of yoga or bodywork you practise.

Afternoons are combined with short lectures on sub systems of movement patterns and a lot practical work. It is designed to be experiential because this method is more memorable.

You will learn:

  • • stories about these movement sub-systems
  • • how to access muscles in your own body as well as many other body types to familiarise yourself with the uniqueness of each individual
  • • how to test movement patterns by learning a range of muscle tests that will help you further understand how these muscles go into strength

Expect a combination of hands on assists and bodywork to gift you the tools to implement these therapeutic techniques into your chosen modality.


Module 1:
31st of August to 3rd of September 2018
10:00-18:00 daily
Cost for module 1: 3900 SEK

Module 2:
2nd of May to 5th of May 2019
10:00-18:00 daily
Cost for module 2: 3900 SEK

Registration, booking and paying for both modules (1 and 2) on or before 1st of August 2018 gives a discount of 1000 SEK, so that the total price for module 1 and 2 is 6800 SEK

Register by emailing

More about Jambo

Jambo is a multi-disciplinary practitioner with a degree in Complementary Medicine and post-graduate education in East Asian Medicine & Ayurveda. He is one of the few chosen Guardians, personally invited by Ana Forrest to hold the legacy of Forrest Yoga. He is a neuro-muscular Bodyworker and has created his own system of understanding muscle testing. He has co-created an internationally high in demand 10 Day Yoga Bodyworkers program that also brings in the concepts of fascia and tensegrity.

Jambo has been involved in research around Well-Being & Complexities Studies with University Northumbria, Newcastle Upon Tyne & Cape Town. In between travelling and teaching internationally, he can often be found reading the latest research relating to yoga and movement. He has spent the past 16 years specialising in addiction, trauma and chronic pain.